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Resource NameDescriptionCategoriesCostQuality Scorehf:categories is a games website with tests and practice activities …, , , 0.0066.67singleskill math secondgrade thirdgrade resourcetype subject gradelevel
NewselaNewsela is one of the most comprehensive resources out there. …, , , , 0.0093.33allgrades specialeducation curriculum book multisubjects gradelevel subject resourcetype
BookshareBookshare is a free reading resource for individuals with reading …, , 0.0060.00reading specialeducation book subject resourcetype provides research-based reading comprehension instruction, material, curriculum, assignments, and …, , , , , 0.0083.33allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum progressive book gradelevel subject resourcetype
Read&Write for ChromeRead & Write is a Chrome extension that, for the …, , 0.0076.67singleskill reading specialeducation resourcetype subject
FarFariaFarfaria is a story app for Apple or Android devices. …, , , 0.0063.33reading kindergarten firstgrade book subject gradelevel resourcetype
Khan AcademyThis is a fantastic learning platform that can be used …, , , , , 0.0083.33sel allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum progressive subject gradelevel resourcetype
Learning UpgradeLearning Upgrade consists of Reading Upgrade, Comprehension Upgrade, and Math …, , , , 59.9961.67allgrades multiskill reading progressive math gradelevel resourcetype subject
AudibleAudible is Amazon’s audio book platform. All books are professionally …, , 0.0091.67allgrades reading book gradelevel subject resourcetype
ScratchScratch is a coding language and site developed by researchers …, 0.0093.33singleskill computerskills resourcetype subject
SeesawSeesaw is a learning platform being used by grades K-12. …, , , , 0.0090.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum activities gradelevel subject resourcetype
ScholasticScholastic is providing a ton of free reading resources for …, , 0.0080.00allgrades reading book gradelevel subject resourcetype
OutschoolOutschool is a learning platform that provide teachers, students, and …, , , , 5.00 - 245.0066.67allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum progressive gradelevel subject resourcetype
National Geographic Young ExplorerNational Geographic Young Explorer is providing free magazines for kids …, 0.0066.67reading elementary subject gradelevel
National Geographic KidsNational Geographic Kids provides free access to activities, games, and …, , 0.0063.33allgrades reading science gradelevel subject
Typing ClubThis program is great to learn how to type! It …, , 0.0070.00singleskill progressive computerskills resourcetype subject
XtraMathXtraMath is allows users to sign up for an account …, , 0.0080.00elementary progressive math gradelevel resourcetype subject
IXLIXL provides a comprehensive math curriculum for schools, teachers, and …, , , 9.95+53.33allgrades multiskill progressive math gradelevel resourcetype subject
Reading A to ZReading A-Z provides reading resources for use online or in …, , , , , , 0.0056.67elementary curriculum progressive book videos activities multisubjects gradelevel resourcetype subject
Storyline OnlineBooks are read aloud to students by different celebrities and …, , , , 0.0083.33singleskill resourcetype reading book videos subject
LakeshoreLakeshore is providing more than 1,000 free resources during COVID-19. …, , , , 0.0080.00allsubjects allgrades multiskill curriculum book subject gradelevel resourcetype
PBS LearningMediaTeachers and students can create a free account and receive …, , , , 0.0080.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill book videos gradelevel subject resourcetype
NAEYCNAEYC is providing a free math toolkit for at home …, , , , , 0.0086.67highschoolmath multiskill highschoolsubject curriculum progressive math resourcetype subject
Desmos calculator activitiesDesmos is an online graphic calculator available for free to …, , , 0.00100.00highschoolmath multiskill progressive math highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
Nancy PiNancy Pi’s Excellent Math Walkthroughs for Algebra and Beyond Nancy …, , 0.0093.33highschoolmath math videos highschoolsubject subject resourcetype
The Essence of CalculusThe Essence of Calculus (3Blue1Brown) is a 12 part video …, , 0.0096.67highschoolmath math videos highschoolsubject subject resourcetype
Journey to the MicrocosmosA strong video series that combines the biology knowledge of …, , 0.0093.33highschoolscience videos science highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
The Art AssignmentThis video channel has two main video types. In the …, , 0.0096.67electives videos arts highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
BrainPOPThis site provides lessons for ELA, Math, Science, Art, and …, , , 0.0086.67allgrades allsubjects multiskill videos gradelevel subject resourcetype
Socratica ChemistrySocratica is a short video series about with a variety …, , 0.0091.67highschoolscience videos science highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
National Council of Teachers of MathematicsThe National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) promotes high-quality …, , , 0.0098.33allgrades highschoolmath multiskill math gradelevel highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
National Science Teachers AssociationThe National Science Teachers Association has science ebooks and activities …, , , , 0.0086.67highschoolscience allgrades multiskill book science highschoolsubject gradelevel resourcetype subject
Read NaturallyRead Naturally is a researched-based resource for school, teachers, and …, , , 19.00+60.00reading elementary progressive book subject gradelevel resourcetype
TheLatinLibraryThe Latin Library’s Latin 101 is a collection of Latin …, 0.0072.00singleskill electives resourcetype highschoolsubject
Family CornerFor all of you teachers, caregivers, and students out there …uncategorized
Just for KidsJust For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus is …, 0.0083.33singleskill covid19 resourcetype subject
Tips for Talking about Corona VirusLots of websites are putting out guides on how to …0.0072.00covid19 subject
Boston Public Library Home ResourcesBoston Public Libraries have put up a wide array of …, , 0.0073.33kindergarten videos activities gradelevel resourcetype subject
ESL LibraryESL Library is a resource site for ESOL teachers with …, , , 7.0085.00allgrades curriculum progressive esol gradelevel resourcetype subject
LaliloLalilo is an online phonics and comprehension program that is …, , , 0.0096.67reading elementary specialeducation progressive subject gradelevel resourcetype
Lunch DoodlesLunch Doodles with Mo Willems is a daily doodle drawing …, , 0.0086.67allgrades arts activities gradelevel subject
Sun West School DivisionThe Sun West School Division in Canada has an amazing …, , 0.0094.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill gradelevel subject resourcetype
Little Kids Rock Music LessonsSchool Closure Music Resources for Teachers. The team at Little …0.0093.33allgrades gradelevel
AIM VAAIM Virginia is a resource bank of accessible instructional materials …0.0073.33specialeducation subject
Positive Behavioral Interventions and SupportsLet’s Catch Kids Being Good, and Reinforce Their Positive Choices …, , , 0.0096.67sel allgrades specialeducation uncategorized subject gradelevel
WUSF at HomeWUSF has created a list of websites and resources with …, , , , 0.0096.67allsubjects reading uncategorized math activities subject
AmplifyAmplify has assembled a resource bank for students K-8 of …, , , , , , , , 0.0093.33multiskill elementary reading specialeducation curriculum science sixthgrade seventhgrade eighthgrade resourcetype gradelevel subject
STEM Toys for Kids Stuck at Home During CoronavirusSTEM toys—which help kids build skills in science, technology, engineering, …, , , , , , , , 0.0091.67subject allgrades reading writing math socialstudies science arts activities gradelevel
CovibookThis site has short books on Covid for students that …, , 0.0080.00multilingual prek covid19 resourcetype gradelevel subject
Do2LearnDo2Learn is a site for students with disabilities. It has …, 0.0073.33sel specialeducation subject
Autism CircuitIf you are looking for materials to make your own …0.0086.67specialeducation subject
Social Stories for Social DistancingThis site has social stories and communication boards about handwashing, …, 0.0086.67singleskill specialeducation resourcetype subject
Self Control Channel ChangerA resource created by the Fort Bend school district, this …0.0086.67specialeducation subject
Filtering Upsetting StatementsThis activity set from Fort Bend schools has visuals and …, 0.0086.67sel specialeducation subject
American Sign Language Stories & VideosThese videos from Rocky Mountain schools are read aloud in …0.0086.67specialeducation subject
Teach your monster to readThis interactive game teaches phonics from letters and sounds to …, , , 0.0080.00reading kindergarten specialeducation firstgrade subject gradelevel
Reading BearReading Bear has videos and quizzes for very beginning phonics., 0.0070.00reading kindergarten subject gradelevel
HelpKidzLearnHelpKidzLearn is an online learning platform for special education offering …3.0080.00specialeducation subject
NessyNessy provides programs to help learners of all abilities to …, , , , , 0.0093.33allgrades reading multiskill specialeducation writing activities gradelevel subject resourcetype
Sensory ActivitiesLittle Bins for Little Hands has about fifty different sensory …, 0.0080.00specialeducation activities subject
MobyMaxMobyMax provides a complete curriculum along with assessments for educators …, , , , 0.0096.67subject allgrades allsubjects gradelevel resourcetype
FlipgridFlipgrid provides educators with a free and easy to use …, , , , , , , 0.0090.00subject allgrades allsubjects gradelevel resourcetype multiskill uncategorized videos
Active Learning SpaceActive Learning Space provides curriculum-based learning for educators, learners, and …, , , , , , 0.0093.33sel allgrades allsubjects multiskill specialeducation curriculum progressive subject gradelevel resourcetype
What’s Going on in the Graph?The New York Times publishes a weekly feature called, What’s Going …, , 0.0095.00singleskill allgrades math resourcetype gradelevel subject
ClassDojoClassDojo is a great resource for educators to create a …, 0.0090.00multilingual allgrades resourcetype gradelevel
Building Study SpacesWhat are your tips for building study spaces in a …for-families
Managing TimeHow are you managing time? What are your strategies?for-families
Textbook: World History Patterns of Interaction 2005A copy of the entirety of the textbook–chapters, powerpoints, reading …, , , 0.0093.33highschoolsocialstudies curriculum uncategorized book highschoolsubject resourcetype
SkybraryThis site has an interactive library full of different level …, , , , , , 4.99+66.67reading kindergarten firstgrade secondgrade book thirdgrade videos subject gradelevel resourcetype
HomerHOMER is an early reading program that provides thousands of …, , , , , 3.70+66.67reading kindergarten specialeducation firstgrade secondgrade thirdgrade subject gradelevel
Go Open VAGo Open VA is a searchable database of open source …, 0.0063.33allgrades allsubjects gradelevel subject
New Kent Distance LearningNew Kent County Public Schools in Virginia has pulled together …, , 0.0096.67offline allgrades allsubjects resourcetype gradelevel subject
ReadTheoryReadTheory is a free and interactive reading comprehension program. Students …, , 0.0080.33allgrades reading progressive gradelevel subject resourcetype
Go NoodleLooking for physical activities to do in the home? Go …, , , 0.0098.33multilingual allgrades activities covid19 resourcetype gradelevel subject
EpicEpic is a digital library for students with over 40,000 …, , , 0.0088.33multilingual reading elementary book resourcetype subject gradelevel
TeachTownTeachTown provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) aligned curriculum and resources …29.9968.33specialeducation subject
Little SpongesLittle Sponges is an interactive, dual language curriculum for English, …, 13.0065.00elementary esol gradelevel subject
Zinn Education ProjectZinn is a free resource bank of history materials, lessons, …, , , , , 0.0086.67highschoolsocialstudies curriculum socialstudies sixthgrade seventhgrade eighthgrade highschoolsubject resourcetype subject gradelevel
Buffalo State School Away from SchoolBuffalo State’s School of Education has created a beautiful and …, , , , 0.0095.00sel allgrades allsubjects multiskill covid19 subject gradelevel resourcetype
Occupational Therapy ResourcesThese fabulous occupational therapists created a Google doc of occupational …, 0.0095.00allgrades specialeducation gradelevel subject
PhETPhET has over 130 free math and science simulations for …, , , , 0.0098.33highschoolscience highschoolmath allgrades curriculum science highschoolsubject gradelevel resourcetype subject
National Science FoundationThe National Science Foundation has a resource bank of classroom …, , , 0.0088.33highschoolscience highschoolmath allgrades science highschoolsubject gradelevel subject
OpenSciEdScience teachers can go on OpenSciEd and sign up for …, , , , 0.0075.00highschoolscience science sixthgrade seventhgrade eighthgrade highschoolsubject subject gradelevel
Science BuddiesScience Buddies has hands on STEM activities for teachers, many …, , 0.0081.67highschoolscience allgrades science highschoolsubject gradelevel subject
TwinklTwinkl provides curriculum, resources, material, activities, lessons and more for …, , , , , , , , , 0.0090.00subject multilingual gradelevel allsubjects multiskill elementary specialeducation curriculum progressive esol resourcetype
TextProjectTextProject provides educators, tutors, students, and families research-based reading strategies, …, , , , 0.00100.00multilingual reading specialeducation for-families book resourcetype subject is a great resource for stories, texts, and ebooks …, , , , , , 0.0096.67multilingual elementary reading specialeducation for-families book esol resourcetype gradelevel subject
ShareMyLessonA learning online community for educators and families to create …, , , , , , , , , 0.0093.33allgrades allsubjects multiskill highschoolsubject specialeducation curriculum for-families progressive videos activities gradelevel subject resourcetype is a subscription-based program for educators and families. They …, , , , , , , , , , , , , 9.95+83.33prek allsubjects elementary multiskill kindergarten curriculum firstgrade for-families progressive secondgrade book videos arts activities gradelevel subject resourcetype
Tales2goTales2go has a multitude of different leveled books provided to …, , , 29.99+66.67allgrades reading specialeducation book gradelevel subject resourcetype
Sesame Street in CommunitiesSesame Street is working with communities to provide support for …, , , , , , , , 0.0093.33sel allsubjects multiskill elementary specialeducation for-families videos activities covid19 subject resourcetype gradelevel
PebbleGoPebbleGo provide remote learning lesson plans, resources, and articles to …, , , , , , , , , 0.0090.00multilingual elementary kindergarten firstgrade secondgrade thirdgrade fourthgrade fifthgrade activities covid19 resourcetype gradelevel subject
Paths to LiteracyPaths to Literacy provides literacy instruction, strategies, lessons, resources, activities, …, , , , , , , , , , 0.0090.00prek multilingual allgrades reading multiskill elementary specialeducation curriculum for-families progressive book gradelevel resourcetype subject
Warnings on the use of Zoom for Video ConferencingNPR announces today (April 3, 2020) concerns over the use …uncategorized
Teaching Special Education Online During COVID-19 Slides Teaching Special Education Online During COVID-19 Slides ((here) from Council …, , 0.0090.00allsubjects allgrades multiskill subject gradelevel resourcetype
250+ Amazing Online Learning ResourcesWe are Teachers compiled a list of free tools for …, , , , 0.0090.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill highschoolsubject for-families gradelevel subject resourcetype
The NSF Science Zone app (Free).Download the NSF Science Zone app (FREE!) Access and navigate …, , , , 0.0056.67highschoolscience allgrades highschoolmath highschoolsubject science gradelevel subject
The Story StarterThis is a free tool that begins a piece of …, , 0.0093.33allgrades reading writing gradelevel subject
121 Tools for Distance Learning & Strategies for Student EngagementA comprehensive compilation of online tools.  This list is broken …, , 0.0093.33gradelevel allgrades allsubjects subject
Pirate Math Equation QuestFree intervention materials for solving addition and subtraction word problems …, 0.0093.33elementary math gradelevel subject
NY Times for High School Students (free).The New York Times is available to high schools across …, 0.00100.00allsubjects highschoolsubject subject
Cerebral Palsy Guide, , 0.0096.67allgrades specialeducation for-families gradelevel subject, 0.00100.00specialeducation for-families subject



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