Resources for parents and teachers

Finding a Resource

All resources on our site are organized three ways.

The first is by categories. We have grade level, subject, and resource type categories. Resource types include books, videos, multilingual, and curriculum. You can browse the contents of each using the menu on the right.

The second is by tags. Each resource is also tagged with specific terms like "Autism," "multiplication," or "free during Covid-19." You can browse tags by clicking the browse tags button on the right.

The third is by reviews. The person who initially posts a resource leaves a review, rating the resource for educational quality, affordability, and ease of use. They also list several pros and cons. Other site visitors can then leave their own reviews of the resource. The number of people who reviewed a resource is a good indicator of how popular the resource is! The Quality Score that we list in each resource table is combination of the initial review and the scores left by site visitors. Reviews are included in all resource tables and you can view resources by rating as well.

You can also search for a specific resource using the search function on the top right.


Making Connections

We know that not everyone has the same access to resources. That's why we created a Connections page. This is a page where you can find out about organizations that will send resources to your children, where you can request resources, and where people interested in donating can reach out.

We also want you to be able to talk to each other! We created a Family Corner that you can find on the footer of the page with links to tips for families and places for you to leave comments and ask questions.


 Using Resource Tables

Excitingly, many of our categories have a lot of resources. That means that the resource tables can be overwhelming to look at. You can choose if you want to see all of the resources at once or only a few per page. The total number of resources in the category is at the bottom of the table.

You have a few options to filter what you see. The first is to use the search function on the table itself. It is on the top right side of the table. If I search in second grade resources for math, I will only see resources tagged with math! The second is to click on the category that you are interested. If I am in second grade and click on ELA in the table, I will only see second grade ELA resources. Note that after you have done this, if you want to see all resources again, you need to click on reset! You can also filter by quality or price from highest to lowest by just clicking the up and down arrows next to their names. 

To learn about any individual resource, just click on it. Once you are on the page for that resource, you can use the previous and next arrows all the way at the bottom of the page to scroll through resources in that category or you can use the back arrow in your browser to go back to the category page. 

Now you can try browsing resources below! Try sorting the resources by price and see what happens if you click on a category. While the other tables on this site are restricted to only show you what you are interested in, the table below has EVERY resource on the site!


 View All Site Resources

[posts_table columns=”title:Resource Name,content:Description,categories:Categories,cf:cwp_rev_price:Cost,cf:wppr_rating:Quality Score” widths=”10,45,30,5,10″ rows_per_page=”5″]



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