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Resources for parents and teachers

What’s Going on in the Graph?

The New York Times publishes a weekly feature called, What’s Going on in This Graph? :  Students are encouraged to examine the featured graph, answer 3 big questions, and discuss them in the comments section- What do you notice?If you make a claim, tell us what you noticed that supports your claim. What do you wonder? What …

Social Stories for Social Distancing

This site has social stories and communication boards about handwashing, social distancing, and the virus. This school closing tool kit from Fort Bend schools is also pretty helpful– lots of social stories as well.

Just for Kids

Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus is a short comic from NPR for students explaining the virus.      


The Latin Library’s Latin 101 is a collection of Latin resources for intermediate students. The activities are not explained so it is best as an appendix for a student who is taking the course through other means.  

Storyline Online

Books are read aloud to students by different celebrities and famous people. It’s a fun and engaging way to participate in reading that students can access anywhere that have internet and a computer, phone, or tablet. Each book provides a video of the book read aloud, captions, and a teacher’s guide with addressed common core …

Typing Club

This program is great to learn how to type! It has interactive lessons, engaging videos, and games that actually support the learning process. It’s free and does not require a school, class, or teacher to register them for the free access. I tried it out to see how the lessons were organized and taught, and …


Scratch is a coding language and site developed by researchers at MIT for students aged 8 to 16. Students can use Scratch to easily build their own games and stories and to share those with others. The site is totally free, lets students design and build their own games, has tons of tutorials, and lets …

Read&Write for Chrome

Read & Write is a Chrome extension that, for the free version, adds screen reading to any site. Basically, it allows students to go to any website, click on the content they are interested in, and then hear the text read aloud as it is highlighted on the screen. That’s the free version. The paid … is a games website with tests and practice activities for multiplication and division. It also has multiplication charts and other resources for practicing skills. Resources are free but there are some ads.

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