Resources for parents and teachers

StopLearningLoss is a non-profit, dedicated to equalizing access to educational resources.

We believe that parents and teachers need access to information that isn’t shaped by anyone’s bottom line.
We believe that together we are smarter and stronger than we are on our own.

We believe that ALL students, regardless of their income and where they live, need access to high-quality resources during these challenging times.

If you want to be a part of the change, check out our ways to help page. We need people to add resources, add reviews for resources, and to help spread the word.

This site is the work of two current and former teachers.

Rose Sebastian, a post-doctoral fellow in education at the University of Virginia, can be reached at rose@stoplearningloss.org.

Kendal Friesen, a special education teacher for San Diego Unified, can be reached at kendal@stoplearningloss.org

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