Resources for parents and teachers

We know that there is a lot of content on this site! That’s why we want to call out a few of our favorite resources, resources that are versatile or just really well designed.

Spotlight 1: NCTM

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) promotes high-quality classroom resources for grades pre-k-12. There are various resources that educators can access, such as classroom resources, professional development, and literature. Members have access to the most resources but non-members can benefit too! For example, in the classroom resources section, non-members have access to all …

Why we love this resource: NCTM has an enormous range of lessons, activities, and materials on their website and they are all free!


Spotlight 2: Newela


Newsela is one of the most comprehensive resources out there. The site has news stories, organized by current events or by subject, and activities for the stories. There are collections of articles about Covid-19 for students as well as science, social studies, and math articles. So a story on the current suspension of sports might …

Why we love this resource: Like NCTM, Newsela has resources for students of all grades– and all of their resources are free to everyone right now!

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