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Resources for parents and teachers

Warnings on the use of Zoom for Video Conferencing

NPR announces today (April 3, 2020) concerns over the use of ZOOM. Click here to access the article titled: “A Must For Millions, Zoom Has A Dark Side — And An FBI Warning”

Textbook: World History Patterns of Interaction 2005

A copy of the entirety of the textbook–chapters, powerpoints, reading guides, and activities, for the 2005 world history textbook used by many districts.


Flipgrid provides educators with a free and easy to use online learning platform. It provides resources for learners, educators, and families for learning online or remotely. Educators can communicate and provide instruction to their students and their families through video. They also explain step by step how to use Flipgrid for online or remote learning.

WUSF at Home

WUSF has created a list of websites and resources with games for students to play during their time at home.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Let’s Catch Kids Being Good, and Reinforce Their Positive Choices PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) programs address the need for increased interventions in the areas of social, emotional, and behavioral support. The ultimate goal is to recognize and reinforce positive and pro-social behaviors. For example, if a kid displays positive behaviors related to the skill …

Family Corner

For all of you teachers, caregivers, and students out there trying to survive– what are some of your tips? This is our family corner, a place to share tips and ideas with others. Just leave a comment below with your suggestion and feel free to respond to other people’s comments as well! We know how …

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