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Resource NamePriceCategoriesNumber of ReviewsAverage Review (1-5)Overall Quality Score (0-100)hf:categories
Multiplication.com0.00, , , 66.67singleskill math secondgrade thirdgrade resourcetype subject gradelevel
Newsela0.00, , , , 93.33allgrades specialeducation curriculum book multisubjects gradelevel subject resourcetype
Bookshare0.00, , 60.00reading specialeducation book subject resourcetype
ReadWorks0.00, , , , , 83.33allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum progressive book gradelevel subject resourcetype
Read&Write for Chrome0.00, , 76.67singleskill reading specialeducation resourcetype subject
FarFaria0.00, , , 63.33reading kindergarten firstgrade book subject gradelevel resourcetype
Khan Academy0.00, , , , , 83.33sel allsubjects allgrades multiskill curriculum progressive subject gradelevel resourcetype
Learning Upgrade59.99, , , , 61.67allgrades reading multiskill progressive math gradelevel subject resourcetype
Audible0.00, , 91.67allgrades reading book gradelevel subject resourcetype
Scratch0.00, 93.33singleskill computerskills resourcetype subject
Seesaw0.00, , , , 90.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum activities gradelevel subject resourcetype
Scholastic0.00, , 80.00allgrades reading book gradelevel subject resourcetype
Outschool5.00 - 245.00, , , , 66.67allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum progressive gradelevel subject resourcetype
National Geographic Young Explorer0.00, 66.67elementary reading gradelevel subject
National Geographic Kids0.00, , 63.33allgrades reading science gradelevel subject
Typing Club0.00, , 70.00singleskill progressive computerskills resourcetype subject
XtraMath0.00, , 80.00elementary progressive math gradelevel resourcetype subject
IXL9.95+, , , 53.33allgrades multiskill progressive math gradelevel resourcetype subject
Reading A to Z0.00, , , , , , 56.67elementary curriculum progressive book videos activities multisubjects gradelevel resourcetype subject
Storyline Online0.00, , , , 83.33singleskill reading resourcetype book videos subject
Lakeshore0.00, , , , 80.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum book gradelevel subject resourcetype
PBS LearningMedia0.00, , , , 80.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill book videos gradelevel subject resourcetype
NAEYC0.00, , , , , 86.67highschoolmath multiskill curriculum highschoolsubject progressive math resourcetype subject
Desmos calculator activities0.00, , , 100.00highschoolmath multiskill progressive math highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
Nancy Pi0.00, , 93.33highschoolmath math videos highschoolsubject subject resourcetype
The Essence of Calculus0.00, , 96.67highschoolmath math videos highschoolsubject subject resourcetype
Journey to the Microcosmos0.00, , 93.33highschoolscience videos science highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
The Art Assignment0.00, , 96.67electives videos arts highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
BrainPOP0.00, , , 86.67allgrades allsubjects multiskill videos gradelevel subject resourcetype
Socratica Chemistry0.00, , 91.67highschoolscience videos science highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics0.00, , , 98.33highschoolmath allgrades multiskill math highschoolsubject gradelevel resourcetype subject
National Science Teachers Association0.00, , , , 86.67highschoolscience allgrades multiskill book science highschoolsubject gradelevel resourcetype subject
Read Naturally19.00+, , , 60.00elementary reading progressive book gradelevel subject resourcetype
TheLatinLibrary0.00, 72.00singleskill electives resourcetype highschoolsubject
Family Corneruncategorized
Just for Kids0.00, 83.33singleskill covid19 resourcetype subject
Tips for Talking about Corona Virus0.0072.00covid19 subject
Boston Public Library Home Resources0.00, , 73.33kindergarten videos activities gradelevel resourcetype subject
ESL Library7.00, , , 85.00allgrades curriculum progressive esol gradelevel resourcetype subject
Lalilo0.00, , , 96.67elementary reading specialeducation progressive gradelevel subject resourcetype
Lunch Doodles0.00, , 86.67allgrades arts activities gradelevel subject
Sun West School Division0.00, , 94.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill gradelevel subject resourcetype
Little Kids Rock Music Lessons0.0093.33allgrades gradelevel
AIM VA0.0073.33specialeducation subject
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports0.00, , , 96.67sel allgrades specialeducation uncategorized subject gradelevel
WUSF at Home0.00, , , , 96.67allsubjects reading uncategorized math activities subject
Amplify0.00, , , , , , , , 93.33elementary reading multiskill curriculum specialeducation science sixthgrade seventhgrade eighthgrade gradelevel subject resourcetype
STEM Toys for Kids Stuck at Home During Coronavirus0.00, , , , , , , , 91.67subject allgrades reading writing math socialstudies science arts activities gradelevel
Covibook0.00, , 80.00multilingual prek covid19 resourcetype gradelevel subject
Do2Learn0.00, 73.33sel specialeducation subject
Autism Circuit0.0086.67specialeducation subject
Social Stories for Social Distancing0.00, 86.67singleskill specialeducation resourcetype subject
Self Control Channel Changer0.0086.67specialeducation subject
Filtering Upsetting Statements0.00, 86.67sel specialeducation subject
American Sign Language Stories & Videos0.0086.67specialeducation subject
Teach your monster to read0.00, , , 80.00reading kindergarten specialeducation firstgrade subject gradelevel
Reading Bear0.00, 70.00reading kindergarten subject gradelevel
HelpKidzLearn3.0080.00specialeducation subject
Nessy0.00, , , , , 93.33allgrades multiskill reading specialeducation writing activities gradelevel resourcetype subject
Sensory Activities0.00, 80.00specialeducation activities subject
MobyMax0.00, , , , 96.67subject allsubjects gradelevel allgrades resourcetype
Flipgrid0.00, , , , , , , 90.00subject gradelevel allgrades allsubjects resourcetype multiskill uncategorized videos
Active Learning Space0.00, , , , , , 93.33sel allgrades allsubjects multiskill specialeducation curriculum progressive subject gradelevel resourcetype
What’s Going on in the Graph?0.00, , 95.00allgrades singleskill math gradelevel resourcetype subject
ClassDojo0.00, 90.00multilingual allgrades resourcetype gradelevel
Building Study Spacesfor-families
Managing Timefor-families
Textbook: World History Patterns of Interaction 20050.00, , , 93.33highschoolsocialstudies curriculum uncategorized book highschoolsubject resourcetype
Skybrary4.99+, , , , , , 66.67reading kindergarten firstgrade secondgrade book thirdgrade videos subject gradelevel resourcetype
Homer3.70+, , , , , 66.67reading specialeducation kindergarten firstgrade secondgrade thirdgrade subject gradelevel
Go Open VA0.00, 63.33allgrades allsubjects gradelevel subject
New Kent Distance Learning0.00, , 96.67offline allsubjects allgrades resourcetype subject gradelevel
ReadTheory0.00, , 80.33allgrades reading progressive gradelevel subject resourcetype
Go Noodle0.00, , , 98.33multilingual allgrades activities covid19 resourcetype gradelevel subject
Epic0.00, , , 88.33multilingual reading elementary book resourcetype subject gradelevel
TeachTown29.9968.33specialeducation subject
Little Sponges13.00, 65.00elementary esol gradelevel subject
Zinn Education Project0.00, , , , , 86.67highschoolsocialstudies curriculum socialstudies sixthgrade seventhgrade eighthgrade highschoolsubject resourcetype subject gradelevel
Buffalo State School Away from School0.00, , , , 95.00sel allgrades allsubjects multiskill covid19 subject gradelevel resourcetype
Occupational Therapy Resources0.00, 95.00allgrades specialeducation gradelevel subject
PhET0.00, , , , 98.33highschoolscience highschoolmath allgrades curriculum science highschoolsubject gradelevel resourcetype subject
National Science Foundation0.00, , , 88.33highschoolscience highschoolmath allgrades science highschoolsubject gradelevel subject
OpenSciEd0.00, , , , 75.00highschoolscience science sixthgrade seventhgrade eighthgrade highschoolsubject subject gradelevel
Science Buddies0.00, , 81.67highschoolscience allgrades science highschoolsubject gradelevel subject
Twinkl0.00, , , , , , , , , 90.00multilingual subject gradelevel allsubjects multiskill elementary specialeducation curriculum progressive esol resourcetype
TextProject0.00, , , , 100.00multilingual reading specialeducation for-families book resourcetype subject
Clarkness.com0.00, , , , , , 96.67multilingual elementary reading specialeducation for-families book esol resourcetype gradelevel subject
ShareMyLesson0.00, , , , , , , , , 93.33allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum highschoolsubject specialeducation for-families progressive videos activities gradelevel subject resourcetype
ABCmouse.com9.95+, , , , , , , , , , , , , 83.33prek allsubjects elementary multiskill kindergarten curriculum progressive firstgrade for-families secondgrade book videos arts activities gradelevel subject resourcetype
Tales2go29.99+, , , 66.67allgrades reading specialeducation book gradelevel subject resourcetype
Sesame Street in Communities0.00, , , , , , , , 93.33sel allsubjects multiskill elementary specialeducation for-families videos activities covid19 subject resourcetype gradelevel
PebbleGo0.00, , , , , , , , , 90.00multilingual elementary kindergarten firstgrade secondgrade thirdgrade fourthgrade fifthgrade activities covid19 resourcetype gradelevel subject
Paths to Literacy0.00, , , , , , , , , , 90.00prek multilingual allgrades elementary reading multiskill curriculum specialeducation for-families progressive book gradelevel resourcetype subject
Warnings on the use of Zoom for Video Conferencinguncategorized
Teaching Special Education Online During COVID-19 SlidesĀ 0.00, , 90.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill gradelevel subject resourcetype
250+ Amazing Online Learning Resources0.00, , , , 90.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill highschoolsubject for-families gradelevel subject resourcetype
The NSF Science Zone app (Free).0.00, , , , 56.67highschoolscience highschoolmath allgrades highschoolsubject science gradelevel subject
The Story Starter0.00, , 93.33allgrades reading writing gradelevel subject
121 Tools for Distance Learning & Strategies for Student Engagement0.00, , 93.33allgrades allsubjects gradelevel subject
Pirate Math Equation Quest0.00, 93.33elementary math gradelevel subject
NY Times for High School Students (free).0.00, 100.00allsubjects highschoolsubject subject
Cerebral Palsy Guide0.00, , 96.67allgrades specialeducation for-families gradelevel subject
Spedhelper.org0.00, 100.00specialeducation for-families subject
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