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Here are some tips before you get started:

Price is the cost of the resource. Note that some resources are temporarily free during the Corona pandemic so even if a resource is listed as costing money, it might be worth investigating.

Categories include the subjects, resource types, and grade levels for the resources.

Number of reviews is the number of users who have reviewed the resource. More popular resources have more reviews.

Average review is the average review from 1 to 5 left by site visitors. Sometimes this comes with comments from them but often it is just a quick, this is how much we liked it.

Overall quality score is an average of the ease of use, affordability, and educational quality of the product. This is weighted towards the thoughts of the initial reviewer but average review is also factored in.

You can sort the table by any field from category to price to average reviews.

[posts_table columns=”title:Resource Name,cf:cwp_rev_price:Price,categories:Categories,cf:wp_review_userReview:Number of Reviews,cf:wp_review_user_reviews:Average Review (1-5),cf:wppr_rating:Overall Quality Score (0-100)”]

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