Sun West School Division

Resources for parents and teachers

Sun West School Division

Sun West District




Educational quality


Ease of use



  • Wide range of resources and activities
  • Easy to navigate format


  • Canadian curriculum standards. Subject and grade are useful, standard not so much
  • So many resources that figuring out what is useful for you can take a while

The Sun West School Division in Canada has an amazing array of free resources for teachers and parents on their website available for free and, mostly, without a log in. There are collections of wellness activities and resources for students during Covid-19, movement resources including at home workouts to do with kids, art applications and activities, resources for parents, and resources for each grade level and subject. Each page has a mixture of applications students can go on, lessons, activities, and information for parents and kids. While some content in Canada or school district specific, most is useful to anyone, anywhere. There are also some special education specific resources, including a few resources for students with ADHD.


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