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Little Sponges

Little Sponges




Educational quality


Ease of use



  • Engaging
  • Develops bilingualism


  • Pages take a while to load-- there can be a time lag
  • Not clear whether prices are reduced for teachers during school closures.

Little Sponges is an interactive, dual language curriculum for English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Russian. In every activity, there is a character speaking the non-English language and one speaking the English one. The program works both for English speakers wanting to learn an additional language and for non-English speakers wanting to learn English with first language supports. There are 15 units for each language with about 9 lessons in each with videos and activities. It costs $12.99 a month for parents with a thirty day free trial and a thousand a year for teachers. According to their press release, the CEO is currently giving the product free to teachers but this is nowhere on their website.


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