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Learning Upgrade

Learning Upgrade




Educational quality


Ease of use



  • Lessons build on each other
  • Fun for students
  • Students work on it totally independently


  • Expensive
  • Some games can get repetitive
  • Some higher level thinking skills but mostly procedural practice

Learning Upgrade consists of Reading Upgrade, Comprehension Upgrade, and Math Upgrade. Both are sequential, educational video games. Reading Upgrade begins in level 1 with basic letter knowledge and by level 50 is having students work on complex passages. There are lessons on digraphs, blends, long vowels, and so on. There is also a Comprehension Upgrade with fifty levels that sequentially work on reading comprehension skills. Math Upgrade is the same except that there is a different upgrade for each grade level. All of the Upgrades feature catchy songs, engaging games, and nice animation and can be played on pretty much any device with wifi.

The program does cost money however. Some students have access through their schools but a license for an individual student is $7.99 a month or $59.99 for a year. According to their website, parents can download and try the program for free for a week before deciding if they want to pay for it. Their website makes the pricing structure pretty unclear, but the Apple store has information on costs.

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