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Thank you for adding a resource!

Here is the short version of the steps to add a resource for our returning contributors:
  • Search and make sure that your resource isn’t already listed.
  • Go to add new post
  • Name the post the name of your resource. Put a few sentences in the text box to describe your resource
  • Choose all categories that apply
  • Add any relevant tags like “multiplication” or “typing”
  • Click “yes” review
  • Fill out the review boxes
  • Click publish
Here are the steps in detail

The first step is to use our search function and make sure that the resource you want to post hasn't already been posted by someone else! If it has, visit our how to review an existing resource page to see how to add onto their review.

Step 1. Log into the site. Only people with author or higher access can add new posts. If you do not currently have an account, go to join us to register.

Type in the name of your resource like Raz-Kids or in the title box. 

Write a few sentences in the text box describing the resource like, "A website of multiplication games and tests" or "A teacher controlled reading resource with levelled books, quizzes, and activities for students."

Look on the right side. Tag this resource with all relevant categories. Remember to scroll down! Tag it with at least one grade level, subject, and resource type. For example, would be categorized second and third grade, math, and single skill. 

Write in any important descriptor words that people could use to search for this resource that weren't in categories. For example, write in "multiplication" and "division" for If the resource is specific to your state or district, put in their name as tags (CA, SDUSD).

Then look below the main text box and click "yes" this is a review post

Enter the name of the resource again. If you have an image of the resource like a screen shot, add it here. 

Put a link to the resource in the affiliate link box. Then enter the cost of the product. If the cost is unclear, like something with a free trial, explain it in the text box at the top of the page.

Then rate the product on affordability, educational quality, and ease of use. Each area gets a score from 0 (awful) to 100 (the best ever).

Finally, enter in a few pros and a few cons for the site. For pros might be "enjoyable games" and "good practice." Cons might be, "only procedural practice," "skills don't build on each other," "has ads."

Then go back to the top and click publish! Note that you can click pubish at any point while you are working. That button will then say "update" instead of publish. The site does NOT auto-save. The publish/ update button is the save button! Don't lose your work-- save often!



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