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Curriculum here is loosely defined and means any resources that include lesson materials and assessments as well as just stand-alone activities.

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NewselaNewsela is one of the most comprehensive resources out there. …All grades, Special Education, Curriculum, Book, ELA, Science, Social Studies0.0093.33allgrades specialeducation curriculum book multisubjects gradelevel subject resourcetype provides research-based reading comprehension instruction, material, curriculum, assignments, and …All grades, All subjects, Multi-skill, Curriculum, Progressive, Book0.0083.33allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum progressive book gradelevel subject resourcetype
Khan AcademyThis is a fantastic learning platform that can be used …Social Emotional Learning, All grades, All subjects, Multi-skill, Curriculum, Progressive0.0083.33sel allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum progressive subject gradelevel resourcetype
SeesawSeesaw is a learning platform being used by grades K-12. …All grades, All subjects, Multi-skill, Curriculum, Activities0.0090.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum activities gradelevel subject resourcetype
OutschoolOutschool is a learning platform that provide teachers, students, and …All grades, All subjects, Multi-skill, Curriculum, Progressive5.00 - 245.0066.67allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum progressive gradelevel subject resourcetype
Reading A to ZReading A-Z provides reading resources for use online or in …Elementary, Curriculum, Progressive, Book, Videos, Activities, ELA, Science, Social Studies0.0056.67elementary curriculum progressive book videos activities multisubjects gradelevel resourcetype subject
LakeshoreLakeshore is providing more than 1,000 free resources during COVID-19. …All grades, All subjects, Multi-skill, Curriculum, Book0.0080.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum book gradelevel subject resourcetype
NAEYCNAEYC is providing a free math toolkit for at home …H.S. math, Multi-skill, Curriculum, High school and beyond, Progressive, Math0.0086.67highschoolmath multiskill curriculum highschoolsubject progressive math resourcetype subject
ESL LibraryESL Library is a resource site for ESOL teachers with …All grades, Curriculum, Progressive, ESOL7.0085.00allgrades curriculum progressive esol gradelevel resourcetype subject
AmplifyAmplify has assembled a resource bank for students K-8 of …Elementary, Reading, Multi-skill, Curriculum, Special Education, Science, Sixth grade, Seventh grade, Eighth grade0.0093.33elementary reading multiskill curriculum specialeducation science sixthgrade seventhgrade eighthgrade gradelevel subject resourcetype
Active Learning SpaceActive Learning Space provides curriculum-based learning for educators, learners, and …Social Emotional Learning, All subjects, All grades, Multi-skill, Special Education, Curriculum, Progressive0.0093.33sel allsubjects allgrades multiskill specialeducation curriculum progressive subject gradelevel resourcetype
Textbook: World History Patterns of Interaction 2005A copy of the entirety of the textbook–chapters, powerpoints, reading …H.S. social studies, Curriculum, To categorize, Book0.0093.33highschoolsocialstudies curriculum uncategorized book highschoolsubject resourcetype
Zinn Education ProjectZinn is a free resource bank of history materials, lessons, …H.S. social studies, Curriculum, Social Studies, Sixth grade, Seventh grade, Eighth grade0.0086.67highschoolsocialstudies curriculum socialstudies sixthgrade seventhgrade eighthgrade highschoolsubject resourcetype subject gradelevel
PhETPhET has over 130 free math and science simulations for …H.S. science, All grades, H.S. math, Curriculum, Science0.0098.33highschoolscience allgrades highschoolmath curriculum science highschoolsubject gradelevel resourcetype subject
TwinklTwinkl provides curriculum, resources, material, activities, lessons and more for …Multilingual, Subject, All subjects, Grade level, Elementary, Multi-skill, Curriculum, Special Education, Progressive, ESOL0.0090.00multilingual subject allsubjects gradelevel elementary multiskill curriculum specialeducation progressive esol resourcetype
ShareMyLessonA learning online community for educators and families to create …All grades, All subjects, Multi-skill, Special Education, Curriculum, High school and beyond, For families, Progressive, Videos, Activities0.0093.33allgrades allsubjects multiskill specialeducation curriculum highschoolsubject for-families progressive videos activities gradelevel subject resourcetype is a subscription-based program for educators and families. They …PreK, All subjects, Elementary, Multi-skill, Curriculum, Kindergarten, First grade, For families, Progressive, Second grade, Book, Videos, Arts, Activities9.95+83.33prek allsubjects elementary multiskill curriculum kindergarten firstgrade for-families progressive secondgrade book videos arts activities gradelevel subject resourcetype
Paths to LiteracyPaths to Literacy provides literacy instruction, strategies, lessons, resources, activities, …PreK, Multilingual, All grades, Elementary, Reading, Multi-skill, Curriculum, Special Education, For families, Progressive, Book0.0090.00prek multilingual allgrades elementary reading multiskill curriculum specialeducation for-families progressive book gradelevel resourcetype subject


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