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Resources for parents and teachers


Scholastic is providing a ton of free reading resources for parents, students, and teachers during this time. They are trying to be a huge support for the “Learning At Home” experience. They have a letter for families that discusses Learning At Home and how they are trying to help.


Seesaw is a learning platform being used by grades K-12. It provides activities and lessons that are already setup for teachers and students. It provides sequential lessons, activities, journal entries, and skill mastery. It’s free for students through their teachers accounts, or for the basic account. You can upgrade your account for more resources and …


Audible is Amazon’s audio book platform. All books are professionally narrated and listeners can choose the speed at which they listen. Normally, everyone needs to purchase books or take books out from the library to use Audible, but they have a special Covid-19 deal for students. While schools are closed, all students in the United …

Learning Upgrade

Learning Upgrade consists of Reading Upgrade, Comprehension Upgrade, and Math Upgrade. Both are sequential, educational video games. Reading Upgrade begins in level 1 with basic letter knowledge and by level 50 is having students work on complex passages. There are lessons on digraphs, blends, long vowels, and so on. There is also a Comprehension Upgrade …

Khan Academy

This is a fantastic learning platform that can be used for providing sequential courses across content areas. It is free to create an account and provides access to courses and resources from preschool to college level. Students can practice skills without an account, but will not be able to save their work without creating an …


Farfaria is a story app for Apple or Android devices. The app has a lot of attractively illustrated stories for younger elementary students, narrated by professional actors. There are stories at levels from PreK to fourth grade. As the stories are read, the words on the page are highlighted for the listeners. Students can also …

ReadWorks provides research-based reading comprehension instruction, material, curriculum, assignments, and texts for kindergarten to 12th grade. It’s free for to sign up. You can access their free library of resources with an account. You can create a class or import your existing classroom from google classroom, and track student progress online. 


Newsela is one of the most comprehensive resources out there. The site has news stories, organized by current events or by subject, and activities for the stories. There are collections of articles about Covid-19 for students as well as science, social studies, and math articles. So a story on the current suspension of sports might … is a games website with tests and practice activities for multiplication and division. It also has multiplication charts and other resources for practicing skills. Resources are free but there are some ads.

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