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HelpKidzLearn is an online learning platform for special education offering a 14 day free trial during school closures. Many of their products are available for apps at about $3 each or in bundles for about $120. Special education teachers like the programs because the activities are accessible for a wide variety of students, including those …

Reading Bear

Reading Bear has videos and quizzes for very beginning phonics.

Teach your monster to read

This interactive game teaches phonics from letters and sounds to full sentences. It’s free but you do have to sign up for it.

American Sign Language Stories & Videos

These videos from Rocky Mountain schools are read aloud in ASL. Students can see the text and the signs that go with it. This video series from YouTube has similar story resources.

Filtering Upsetting Statements

This activity set from Fort Bend schools has visuals and an explanation to help students learn to filter out statements that might be upsetting to others– crucial when everyone is locked in the same house for weeks on end!

Self Control Channel Changer

A resource created by the Fort Bend school district, this activity helps parents create self control channel changers with their children as a self-regulation tool.

Social Stories for Social Distancing

This site has social stories and communication boards about handwashing, social distancing, and the virus. This school closing tool kit from Fort Bend schools is also pretty helpful– lots of social stories as well.

Autism Circuit

If you are looking for materials to make your own choice boards, behavior cue boards, or anything in the picture communication family, this site is pretty good and totally free.


Do2Learn is a site for students with disabilities. It has a social skills activity box with social stories and activities, behavior regulation story strips, songs and games focused on social skills and safety, and some printable PECs style cards.


This site has short books on Covid for students that explain and reassure. The books are available in multiple languages and download easily

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