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Resources for parents and teachers

Read&Write for Chrome

Read & Write is a Chrome extension that, for the free version, adds screen reading to any site. Basically, it allows students to go to any website, click on the content they are interested in, and then hear the text read aloud as it is highlighted on the screen. That’s the free version. The paid …

ReadWorks provides research-based reading comprehension instruction, material, curriculum, assignments, and texts for kindergarten to 12th grade. It’s free for to sign up. You can access their free library of resources with an account. You can create a class or import your existing classroom from google classroom, and track student progress online. 


Bookshare is a free reading resource for individuals with reading or visual disabilities. Teachers or parents can sign students up. Once they have an account, students can download pretty much any book directly to their devices. Students can then listen to the books at the reading rate of their choice and see the words highlighted …


Newsela is one of the most comprehensive resources out there. The site has news stories, organized by current events or by subject, and activities for the stories. There are collections of articles about Covid-19 for students as well as science, social studies, and math articles. So a story on the current suspension of sports might … is a games website with tests and practice activities for multiplication and division. It also has multiplication charts and other resources for practicing skills. Resources are free but there are some ads.

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