How to help

Resources for parents and teachers

There are three big ways you can help us build this site and community.

1. Add resources to the database.

The site is only as good as the resources on here so share the sites and resources that work for you! You can’t upload materials to the site so instead please include the links to where to find your resources and sites.

2. Review existing resources.

If you are a logged in user, you can quickly give star ratings to any resources that other members have uploaded. The number of people that have reviewed a resource is one way that we know how popular and good the resource is so please review all of the ones that you have used– whether you loved the resource, hated it, or thought it was just mediocre!

3. Spread the word!

Please share the word with your friends! Post about us on Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Insta, or wherever your people live! The more people know about the site, the better it will be.

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