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These include study tips, movement ideas, self-care activities, and information on health and Covid-19.

Note that Quality is scored from 1 to 100 and is an average of the affordability, ease of use, and educational quality scores given by site users.

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Just for KidsJust For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus is a short comic from NPR for students explaining the virus.      , 0.0083.33comic covid-19-information
Tips for Talking about Corona VirusLots of websites are putting out guides on how to talk to students about the virus. Here are a few that seem good to us! …0.0072.00covid-19-information
CovibookThis site has short books on Covid for students that explain and reassure. The books are available in multiple languages and download easily0.0080.00covid-19-information
Go NoodleLooking for physical activities to do in the home? Go Noodle has movement, mindfulness, and yoga videos for students as well as downloadable resources and …, , , 0.0098.33games yoga movement fitness
Buffalo State School Away from SchoolBuffalo State’s School of Education has created a beautiful and well organized resource bank for school away from school. They have sample schedules for students …0.0095.00resource-bank
Sesame Street in CommunitiesSesame Street is working with communities to provide support for education for educators and families. They provide information, resources, and activities for a range of …, , , , , , , , , , , 0.0093.33free-during-covid-19 math-concepts free-resources autism stem health family siblings trauma resilience language reading-skills
PebbleGoPebbleGo provide remote learning lesson plans, resources, and articles to support educators and families with online learning. They have different modules for students to complete …0.0090.00


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