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Resources for parents and teachers

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids provides free access to activities, games, and articles for learning about animals, countries, environment, and science. They provide academic-based games and activities, as well as fun, “silly” activities and games. They have videos for learning in addition to reading.

National Geographic Young Explorer

National Geographic Young Explorer is providing free magazines for kids to explore, read, research, and enjoy while learning at home. Readers are able to listen to the text read aloud if needed while they follow along. There is great visual support through pictures and photographs in the magazines. For teachers, they provide interactive whiteboard lessons …


Scholastic is providing a ton of free reading resources for parents, students, and teachers during this time. They are trying to be a huge support for the “Learning At Home” experience. They have a letter for families that discusses Learning At Home and how they are trying to help.

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