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Single skill resources are those like that narrowly focus on one skill.

Resource NameDescriptionCategoriesCostOverall Quality Score (0-100)categories_hfilter is a games website with tests and practice activities …Single skill, Math, Second grade, Third grade0.0066.67singleskill math secondgrade thirdgrade resourcetype subject gradelevel
Read&Write for ChromeRead & Write is a Chrome extension that, for the …Single skill, Reading, Special Education0.0076.67singleskill reading specialeducation resourcetype subject
ScratchScratch is a coding language and site developed by researchers …Single skill, Computer skills0.0093.33singleskill computerskills resourcetype subject
Typing ClubThis program is great to learn how to type! It …Single skill, Progressive, Computer skills0.0070.00singleskill progressive computerskills resourcetype subject
Storyline OnlineBooks are read aloud to students by different celebrities and …Single skill, Reading, Resource type, Book, Videos0.0083.33singleskill reading resourcetype book videos subject
TheLatinLibraryThe Latin Library’s Latin 101 is a collection of Latin …Single skill, H.S. Electives0.0072.00singleskill electives resourcetype highschoolsubject
Just for KidsJust For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus is …Single skill, Health & Wellness0.0083.33singleskill covid19 resourcetype subject
Social Stories for Social DistancingThis site has social stories and communication boards about handwashing, …Single skill, Special Education0.0086.67singleskill specialeducation resourcetype subject
What’s Going on in the Graph?The New York Times publishes a weekly feature called, What’s Going …All grades, Single skill, Math0.0095.00allgrades singleskill math gradelevel resourcetype subject



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