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These are any resources that target multiple skills. For example, targets only multiplication while the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics resources target many different skills within math.

Resource NameDescriptionCategoriesCostOverall Quality Score (0-100)hf:categories provides research-based reading comprehension instruction, material, curriculum, assignments, and …, , , , , 0.0083.33allsubjects allgrades multiskill curriculum progressive book subject gradelevel resourcetype
Khan AcademyThis is a fantastic learning platform that can be used …, , , , , 0.0083.33sel allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum progressive subject gradelevel resourcetype
Learning UpgradeLearning Upgrade consists of Reading Upgrade, Comprehension Upgrade, and Math …, , , , 59.9961.67allgrades reading multiskill progressive math gradelevel subject resourcetype
SeesawSeesaw is a learning platform being used by grades K-12. …, , , , 0.0090.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum activities gradelevel subject resourcetype
OutschoolOutschool is a learning platform that provide teachers, students, and …, , , , 5.00 - 245.0066.67allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum progressive gradelevel subject resourcetype
IXLIXL provides a comprehensive math curriculum for schools, teachers, and …, , , 9.95+53.33allgrades multiskill progressive math gradelevel resourcetype subject
LakeshoreLakeshore is providing more than 1,000 free resources during COVID-19. …, , , , 0.0080.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill curriculum book gradelevel subject resourcetype
PBS LearningMediaTeachers and students can create a free account and receive …, , , , 0.0080.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill book videos gradelevel subject resourcetype
NAEYCNAEYC is providing a free math toolkit for at home …, , , , , 0.0086.67highschoolmath multiskill highschoolsubject curriculum progressive math resourcetype subject
Desmos calculator activitiesDesmos is an online graphic calculator available for free to …, , , 0.00100.00highschoolmath multiskill progressive math highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
BrainPOPThis site provides lessons for ELA, Math, Science, Art, and …, , , 0.0086.67allgrades allsubjects multiskill videos gradelevel subject resourcetype
National Council of Teachers of MathematicsThe National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) promotes high-quality …, , , 0.0098.33allgrades highschoolmath multiskill math gradelevel highschoolsubject resourcetype subject
National Science Teachers AssociationThe National Science Teachers Association has science ebooks and activities …, , , , 0.0086.67highschoolscience allgrades multiskill book science highschoolsubject gradelevel resourcetype subject
Sun West School DivisionThe Sun West School Division in Canada has an amazing …, , 0.0094.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill gradelevel subject resourcetype
AmplifyAmplify has assembled a resource bank for students K-8 of …, , , , , , , , 0.0093.33multiskill elementary reading specialeducation curriculum science sixthgrade seventhgrade eighthgrade resourcetype gradelevel subject
NessyNessy provides programs to help learners of all abilities to …, , , , , 0.0093.33allgrades multiskill reading specialeducation writing activities gradelevel resourcetype subject
FlipgridFlipgrid provides educators with a free and easy to use …, , , , , , , 0.0090.00subject allgrades allsubjects gradelevel resourcetype multiskill uncategorized videos
Active Learning SpaceActive Learning Space provides curriculum-based learning for educators, learners, and …, , , , , , 0.0093.33sel allgrades allsubjects multiskill specialeducation curriculum progressive subject gradelevel resourcetype
Buffalo State School Away from SchoolBuffalo State’s School of Education has created a beautiful and …, , , , 0.0095.00sel allgrades allsubjects multiskill covid19 subject gradelevel resourcetype
TwinklTwinkl provides curriculum, resources, material, activities, lessons and more for …, , , , , , , , , 0.0090.00multilingual subject allsubjects gradelevel multiskill elementary specialeducation curriculum progressive esol resourcetype
ShareMyLessonA learning online community for educators and families to create …, , , , , , , , , 0.0093.33allsubjects allgrades multiskill curriculum highschoolsubject specialeducation for-families progressive videos activities subject gradelevel resourcetype is a subscription-based program for educators and families. They …, , , , , , , , , , , , , 9.95+83.33prek allsubjects multiskill elementary curriculum kindergarten for-families progressive firstgrade secondgrade book videos arts activities gradelevel subject resourcetype
Sesame Street in CommunitiesSesame Street is working with communities to provide support for …, , , , , , , , 0.0093.33sel allsubjects elementary multiskill specialeducation for-families videos activities covid19 subject gradelevel resourcetype
Paths to LiteracyPaths to Literacy provides literacy instruction, strategies, lessons, resources, activities, …, , , , , , , , , , 0.0090.00multilingual prek allgrades elementary reading multiskill specialeducation curriculum for-families progressive book resourcetype gradelevel subject
Teaching Special Education Online During COVID-19 SlidesĀ Teaching Special Education Online During COVID-19 Slides ((here) from Council …, , 0.0090.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill gradelevel subject resourcetype
250+ Amazing Online Learning ResourcesWe are Teachers compiled a list of free tools for …, , , , 0.0090.00allgrades allsubjects multiskill highschoolsubject for-families gradelevel subject resourcetype



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