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Resources for parents and teachers


Interactive website that includes lessons, quizzes and activities, with hip hop videos woven throughout. While it normally costs ten dollars a month, the website is offering 60 free days for any students impacted by school closures.

The Essence of Calculus

The Essence of Calculus (3Blue1Brown) is a 12 part video series that gets at calculus concepts without dealing too much with calculations (e.g. derivation and integration). The videos are accessible to students and well designed.  

Nancy Pi

Nancy Pi’s Excellent Math Walkthroughs for Algebra and Beyond Nancy is an MIT grad who *slowly and carefully* walks through mathematics procedures ranging from Algebra 1 through second year calculus. The videos are essential for understanding step-by-step calculations, but they are not heavily focused on concepts (for that, see a different series). They’re excellent for …

PBS LearningMedia

Teachers and students can create a free account and receive access to a variety of resources for grades preschool to high school for online learning at home. Parents can also sign up as informal educators. Teachers can connect their account to their google classrooms to support ease of use and communication to students. Teachers and …

Storyline Online

Books are read aloud to students by different celebrities and famous people. It’s a fun and engaging way to participate in reading that students can access anywhere that have internet and a computer, phone, or tablet. Each book provides a video of the book read aloud, captions, and a teacher’s guide with addressed common core …

Reading A to Z

Reading A-Z provides reading resources for use online or in the classroom. Students can access a variety of texts and resources that are Common core-aligned. For student access through a school or teacher, students will need their login. If they have it, it has tons of books and comprehension questions to go with each book. …

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